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Firework - Release

Jul 15 at 04:00pm CEST  –  Jul 15 at 06:00pm CEST
Affected services
DocBits Web App CDN
Prod - API
Prod - Auth

Jul 15 at 04:00pm CEST

New Features

Line Charges Export to M3

• Export line charges to M3 with appropriate costing elements as per your business needs.

PO & Invoice Discrepancy Handling

• Smart handling of discrepancies in quantity, prices, charges, and tax.

Key Bug Resolutions

1.  PO Search Functionality
• Issue: PO search was not working.
• Status: This issue has been identified and will not be addressed in this release.
2.  PO Matching Connection
• Issue: PO matching connection was not removing as expected.
• Resolution: Fixed to ensure seamless PO matching operations.
3.  Exported Document Alerts
• Issue: Exported documents had alerts for costing elements even when the system was not set up for it.
• Resolution: Corrected to prevent unnecessary alerts, ensuring accurate document exports.
4.  Advance Shipment EDI View
• Issue: Advance shipment EDI view showed IDs in the title.
• Resolution: Titles now display correctly, improving data readability.
5.  Calculation Errors in Split by Total Issue
• Issue: Calculation errors occurred when lines were split further.
• Resolution: Fixed to ensure accurate calculations in all scenarios.
6.  PO Screen Table Display
• Issue: No table was showing on the PO screen.
• Resolution: Display issue resolved to ensure tables appear correctly.
7.  Auto Export on Order Confirmation
• Issue: Auto export was not working.
• Resolution: Functionality restored to ensure automatic exports operate smoothly.
8.  Mismatch Issue on PO
• Issue: Mismatch issue on PO showed despite everything being identical on the Delivery Note.
• Resolution: Resolved to ensure accurate mismatch detection.
9.  Report Download Issues
• Issue: Reports were not downloading.
• Resolution: Fixed to enable seamless report downloads.
10. Incorrect Total and Net Amounts
• Issue: Total and Net amounts were showing incorrect values.
• Resolution: Values corrected to ensure financial accuracy.
11. Invoice Date Format on Dashboard
• Issue: Invoice Date column had wrong format values.
• Resolution: Dates now display in the correct format, enhancing usability.
12. Workflow Delays at “Ready for Validation”
• Issue: Workflow delays occurred at “Ready for Validation” until feedback from Doc2flow.
• Resolution: Workflow timing improved for faster validation processes.