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Maypole - Sandbox

May 06 at 06:00pm CEST  –  May 06 at 08:00pm CEST
Affected services
Sandbox - DOCĀ² App
Sandbox - API
Sandbox - Auth

May 06 at 06:00pm CEST

Release Notes - Web App
New Features:
* Ruiz Workflow Card Translation: Enhancements in the Ruiz workflow, including card translation for better localization support.
* Email Import Logging: Added detailed logging for email imports to enhance troubleshooting and monitoring.
* Broken Fuzzy Screen Fix (DOCB-2355): Resolved an issue with broken fuzzy screen display across various interfaces.
* Accounting Updates (DRFS-100): Enhanced the accounting process by removing outdated accounting methods and integrating charges more efficiently.
* Ruiz Workflow Enhancements (RUIZ-291): Fixed bugs related to workflow navigation, particularly involving hidden steps.
* User Interface Adjustments: Improved user interface elements such as cash discount terms under payment terms for better clarity and user experience.
* Performance Enhancements: Various backend improvements to enhance system performance and stability.
Bug Fixes:
* DRFS-91 Approval Stamp Issue: Fixed critical issues surrounding the approval stamp process to ensure compliance and correct functionality.
* DOCB-2410 Key Addition: Added necessary keys back to the system to ensure data integrity and system functionality.
* Master Data Field Adjustment (DOCB-2390): Addressed an issue in the master data field to align with user requirements.
* Version Updates: Routine updates to various system components to align with current standards and technologies.
* Merge Activities: Numerous merges to integrate features, fixes, and enhancements from multiple development branches into the main branch.

What's New - API
* Cache Management Enhancements: Updated the getreceivedeliverycache to improve performance and reliability.
* New Features for Sales Orders: Introduced a preview feature for sales orders, enhancing the visualization and management of order data.
* Document Handling Improvements: Added automated test jobs for demotesting and sandbox environments to ensure robustness.
* Enhanced Cache Functionality: Added field
id to further enhance the caching mechanisms.
Fixes and Improvements
* Office Email Import Adjustments: Made necessary adjustments to the Office Email Import feature to enhance functionality.
* Development Enhancements: Multiple merges from dev to main branches ensuring synchronization and stability across environments.
* Configuration Updates: Various updates to the configuration files (config.yml) improving the system setup and parameters.

Release Notes - Workflow
Version Update: April 2024
* Implemented a new workflow test that can now be enabled during import, allowing for more flexible testing scenarios.
* Enhanced the logging functionality for action cards, making debugging and monitoring more efficient.
* Improved compatibility for field comparison cards with date and enum types, ensuring smoother comparisons and validations.
* Updated the tax card RUIZ and modified the return processes for action cards to streamline operations.
* Addressed issues with the document status updates, ensuring they are accurately reflected in the system.
* Fixed the calculation for the comparison card involving unit price and quantity to correctly handle discrepancies.
* Resolved multiple minor bugs and made stability improvements.
Operational Changes:
* Merged multiple development stages into the sandbox and stage branches, reflecting a significant integration of new features and fixes.